The Biker Scout Project


As I love Star Wars and always wanted to be a storm trooper as most boys do growing up I decided I would create one of the coolest troopers, No not Boba Fett but the Scout Trooper.trooper

Riding his 74-Z through the trees of Endor I felt a connection. Being a biker myself I felt this would be the ideal outfit to create.

First off is the research, wow so much information to take in. I have spent many hours on and gathering all the information I need to create the perfect 501st Biker Scout.

First of lets breakdown what I need from the bottom up

  • Boots – Custom made
  • Blaster – Attached to holster on boot
  • Under suit – simple black boiler suit with alterations
  • Cummerbund & Pouches – custom made to fit
  • Flak Jacket – not really seem but it’s part of the uniform – custom made
  • Helmet – or Bucket as it seems to be know.
  • Gloves – 1970’s motorcycle gloves. Still purchase from in the USA
  • Armour – Yes Armour not Armor as we are in the UK. Again this is a big part of the outfit with many variations on the market.

The list above and order is how I will go about creating my suit. Watch this space as I travel to Endor and take on the Ewoks. Sorry too far….

Boot Build