Paper Craft Projects


Below is a list of paper craft templates I have found for Star wars. these templates have been created by other people. All I have done is find them, up scale, change to A4 paper and rearrange the 2D templates.

Feel free to download them and print them off, let us know how you get on

Biker Scout Version 1

01_bikerscout_a4_01 Download Link >> Biker Scout Version 1

Biker Scout Version 2

02_bikerscout_a4_02 Download Link >> Biker Scout Version 2

Stormtrooper Version 1

03_stormtrooper_a4_01 Download Link >> Stormtrooper V1

Stormtrooper Version 2

04_stormtrooper_02 Download Link >> Stormtrooper V2


05_shoretrooper_a4_01 Download Link >> Shoretrooper

Royal Guard

06_royalguard_a4_01 Download Link >> Royal guard

Boba Fett

07_bobafett_a4_01 Download Link >> Boba Fett

Darth Vader Light Sabre

08_vader_lightsaber_01 Download Link >> Vader light sabre

Darth Vader (Letter Format)

09_vader_letter_01 Download Link >> Vader V1

Darth Vader (Foam Format)

10_vader_foam_02 Download Link >> Vader foam

C3PO Version 1

11_c3po_a4_01 Download Link >> 11_c3po_a4_01

C3PO Version 2

12_c3p0_02 Download Link >> 12_c3p0_02

X-Wing Pilot

13_x-wing_a4_01 Download Link >> x-wing_a4_01

Tuskin Raider

14_tusken_a4_01 Download Link >> tuskin_a4_01